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Outdoor Decks

We have several sectioned areas of our party decks that can be used for different activities. Each of them is connected through the main bar area


This is a large concrete pad, that seats 24+ people with multiple configurations. This area overlooks the lagoon side of our marina, and connects to the Music Deck and Family Decks. We often have our patio games located in this area.

Music Deck

This area is off the back side of our main bar area, and has a covered bandstand for our music acts. This area usually seats up to 24 people.

Family Deck

This is a covered deck, overlooking the Music deck, connected to the main bar area through a rollup door. This area usually seats 12 to 16 people.

Pergola Deck

Our newest addition at the Knot, this is a large pad, under a pergola, with a variety of stand-up and seating options. This area is also a great spot for our oversized patio games, or other group activities.